RnR DC Training: Weeks 14-15

Woops!  Time got away from me.  I have also been battling some injury in my left foot/leg.  I think it was originally just from tying my shoe too tight but it started in the middle of my 12 miler and, of course, I kept going.  I wasn’t until it seriously impacted my second 20 miler (on a treadmill, no less) that I realized I should lay off a bit.

Week 14

Sunday: 12 miles, good except for the foot issue

Monday: rest and TKD

Tuesday: 5 miles with my morning group and it may have been a touch faster than I should have done…

Wednesday: 3 miles.  It should have been 5.

Thursday: rest

Friday: swim – a really good swim!

Saturday: 4 miles at pace

Total for the week: 24

Week 15

Sunday: 15 out of 20 and it hurt so bad that I couldn’t even take a step when I stopped

Sad runner 😦

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 50 minutes on the bike trainer

Wednesday: 8 miles with a ton of KT Tape! No pain. TKD

Happy runner :)
Happy runner 🙂

Thursday: TKD

Friday: swim on my own since the coach was gone

Saturday: 4 pace miles with no problem.

Total for the week: 27

Total training miles: 417.4

Miles for the year: 220.5

I don’t know about my foot and shin.  I think part of the problem is the treadmill.  Meanwhile, this is freaking me out a bit…

This had better be gone in 3 weeks!
This had better be gone in 3 weeks!

What to say to an injured runner

A. Missing some training this close to your race isn’t a big deal.
B. Clearly it’s a sign your body needs some rest.
C. Time for some cross-training!
D. That’s not as bad as when I got injured and blah, blah, blah…
E. Nothing

The correct answer is E! That’s the only one that doesn’t carry a high risk of being strangled by a pair of compression sleeves. Just throw a bag of Oreos at said runner and back slowly out of the room, avoiding eye contact. If the runner makes a lunge for you, don’t worry too much because they’re injured and can’t go very far or fast! They can swear a blue streak, however, so you may need to avoid all contact if your sensibilities are easily offended.

RnR DC Training: Week 13

Sunday My first 20 miler was amazing!  I was really worried about it, to say the least.  I thought my training had me on pace to hit my goal time at RnR but, until doing a longer distance run, it’s almost impossible to tell.  The day started with an early 6 AM meet-up with one of my runner friends.  She paced me through my first 6 miles.  Usually that loop feels like a slog but it was over before I knew it!

First 6 done!
First 6 done!

I then ran over to meet up with my second group for 7 miles around one of the local lakes.  Normally my time on this trail is very slow but I managed stay pretty on pace.  My last leg I had solo.  It was also super, super hilly (actually, this whole day was super hilly).  To give myself a carrot, I asked my husband and LR to meet me at the top of one of the hills.  They were happy to oblige!


DSCF7416 Then a quick 3 miles back to my car and I was DONE!  And, right on pace!!

Woot!  Race pace is 11:25
Woot! Race pace is 11:25

Monday – Rest!  My legs feel fine but I’m just tired!

Tuesday – 5 early morning miles with my running group and then a semi-private taekwondo lesson in the evening, with only 3 students.  I have been working hard to pass my proficiency for blocks and kicks and have been struggling with the kicks.  The instructor was like “you WILL pass this tonight!” and he rode my butt the entire evening.  But, I did pass!  I also paid for it – oh, my aching hips!  One kick combo is a roundhouse and then back kick and my hips do not like the turnover, especially after Sunday!

Wednesday – I finally got in my morning 8 miler – the last two were stymied by weather and illness.  I was glad to get it done before work rather than know it was waiting for me all day!  LR and I also attended another TKD class where we had sparring.  I managed to kick another adult in the knee and nicely sprained my big toe.  Brilliant.

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Swim!  At lot of endurance work but I managed to take 20 seconds off my 200 yd time.

Saturday – I ran with a friend who was attempting her first 14 miler.  I paced her through the first four before handing her off to leg 2 and I finished off my run solo.  The plan called for 8 but I only had time for 6.5 due to a mid-morning birthday party.

All in all, a good week!  I’m so thankful for my running community!  They have made the world of difference in this training cycle!

Miles for the week: 39.5
Total training miles: 366.4

Miles for the year: 169.5

Fuel options

I mentioned the other week that I was trying Generation UCAN on my longer runs.  The idea is to take a serving 30 minutes before the run and then another mid-run, if longer than two hours, and a third (one of the protein mixes) when you finish.  I chose the Tropical Orange.  I drank a glass before my long runs (including both my successful 17 miler and my failure of an 18 miler). I also made a super concentrated mix (with 3 oz of water) and bagged it up so I could take it mid-run.  I’ll be honest, the flavor and texture is rough.  Using very cold water helped but I can see that being a problem for a lot of people.  On the plus side, I did not get an upset stomach from it, not even cramps.  My stomach was growling towards the end of my run but I didn’t feel like I was flagging too much.  I felt like I got a little boost of energy right after I took it but didn’t really notice a major change during the run.  It wasn’t really bad but I’m not sure it was worth the $2 per service price.

For comparison, I ran my long run with my “old standby”.  I had my pumpkin porridge (recipe below) and a cup of coffee about an hour before my run.  I then ate 1/4 of a Bonk Breaker every so often after mile 8.  I had raisins with me but didn’t use them.  I forgot my raw honey (Trader Joe’s raw honey is super thick. I usually just spoon it into a snack size baggie and then bite the corner off when I need it. It’s especially helpful if I start coughing or my throat is bothering me during a run).  I had a banana and packet of Justin’s Honey Almond butter waiting at the finish.  I also took two Endurolyte tabs from Hammer Nutrition about half way through. I would have taken more if it had been warmer.  I drank plain water.  Bottom line, I felt great!  I had no energy problems.  I had no stomach problems. I did not have a headache at the end.  I was hungry when I finished but my stomach wasn’t growling mid-way through.

For cost, taste, and convenience sake, I’m sticking with my tried and true method.  I might use UCAN on long bike rides but for runs, I definitely prefer real food.

Pumpkin Porridge (serves 3)

1 can of plain pumpkin

3 ripe bananas

3 eggs

2 Tbsp crunchy almond butter

1 tsp Pumpkin pie seasoning or cinnamon and nutmeg

Mash it all together and cook over low heat until it is thick. The consistency will depend on how much almond butter you use.

Top with nuts and dried fruit (I like walnuts and golden raisins, sometimes shredded coconut).

RnR DC Training: Week 12

Meh.  I ran.  Mostly on the treadmill. The most exciting part is that Month 3 is done!  Only 6 more weeks to go!

Sunday: 13 miles of two loops with various members of my running group.  These “takes a village” runs are freakin’ genius!

Monday: nada

Tuesday: 3 horrible treadmill miles

Wednesday: 5 great treadmill miles

Thursday: rest, again

Friday: Swim!  2100 yards of endurance work and I didn’t die!  I wasn’t able to complete the entire workout but only because we ran out of time.  I was very happy to not have to modify due to my breathing problems.  Also, my form is definitely improving and I’m not slapping the water as much.

Saturday: 5 easy treadmill miles at race pace. I love my race pace.

Miles for the week: 26
Total training miles: 326.9

Miles for the year: 130

My next report will be better 🙂