Two of My Favorite Things Give-Away!!

So, (have you noticed I tend to start all of my posts with “so”?) I am still mentally smarting from Richmond but, that does not diminish my LOVE for the Blue Ridge Marathon!!  Check out my recaps from 2016 and this year.  I’ve already starting mentally moving on to that race.

To say it is the most fun I have ever had while running a marathon would not be an exaggeration.  Everything about the race is amazing, from the course, to the course support, to custom race shirts and medals.  Literally, everything is my version of perfection.

You don’t know true bliss until you are eating gummy bears while looking at this!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the course can and will kick your ass.  The full marathon has 7,430 feet of elevation change with 3,790 for the half and 2,000 for the 10K.  There is no way you aren’t running/”running” up at least one mountain – unless you do the kids dash – but it is so worth it!

My second love, only recently found, is Crazy Compression socks! I have thick calves. Like, really thick.  And I was always sad that I couldn’t find fun socks that would fit me.  Well, I am no longer sad!  These socks fit my feet and my calves perfectly and give great support without pinching.

I ❤ stripes!

Give-Away Details

Since I am an ambassador for both of my favorite things (convenient, no?), I am doing a give-away!  Enter today to win one entry of any distance of the Blue Ridge Marathon race series (full, half, 10K – the double is sadly sold out – *cough cough freaks*) AND a pair of Crazy Compression socks or sleeves!

I think these are appropriate but you can pick whatever you want!

Don’t dawdle!  The give-away is open until noon on November 25!

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