Tomorrow I’ll Be an Ultra Runner!

I’ve been pretty quiet lately because the only things I do anymore are:

  1. run
  2. eat
  3. sleep
  4. work (where I try not to sleep)
  5. eat some more

Last December (maybe?) I got the awesome idea of running a 50 mile trail race – on my birthday – and to drag my BRF along for the ride.  She’s a sucker up for an adventure so, for the past 13 weeks we have been running. all. the. miles.

For real.

Tomorrow is our longest run in the training cycle – 31 miles.  For those who don’t know the metric system by heart, that’s a 50K (well, close enough for government work… Any bets that I get that last .07 on my watch before I stop? *hint, that’s a sucker’s bet!*).  Anything over 26.2 is an ultra but a 50K is one of the most common ultra race distances.  And this will be my first time hitting it.


We haven’t run in THREE days (OMG!  Do we even know how to run any more?!  I’m just kidding. Kind of.) and the weather has been all over the place with the rain/snow/sleet predictions.  We/I am going nutty!  It’s like we are practicing our taper madness now in addition to having it for real in six weeks!

I really do want to get back in the blogging habit so my goal is to write about our run by Monday night.  I’m sure it will be a riot!  Check back in and make sure I didn’t die!  Also, check out my IG feed – I’m much more active there.

(Ack!  I had to just add a new category for my tags – “Ultra”!)