Summertime “fun”

It’s almost June!  Where did the spring go?  If you were on the east coast, we had cold with snow, cold with rain, and then – as of four days ago, summer!  No spring.  Bah. There were literally no “70 degrees and sunny” days for our entire spring!  How is that possible?

Well, since summer is here, I guess it’s time to get training again!  I have BIG goals for this fall’s marathon cycle (like “30 minute PR” sized goals) and I’m running both Marine Corps Marathon and the Richmond Marathon (not exactly well planned…) so I decided to hire a coach!


My last attempt at coaching was a triathlon coach and that didn’t go well.  She was long distance and, well, it was not a good fit. At all.

My new running coach is totally different from the first one.  She is local and I have seen her work with other athletes.  I have seen enough of her “in action” to think that I like her style.  Also, huge bonus, I get to work with someone who can actually meet me for in-person coaching sessions!  I’m super excited about that!

To kind of ease us into the relationship, and to get my legs back under me after the (kinda) break I took after Roanoke, we decided to start my plan with June 1, even though the meat-and-potatoes training doesn’t start until the end of June.  I received my plan over the weekend and was a bit… uh…


Once I calmed down, I decided it was for the best.  Granted, starting my true training week at 34 miles is a bit unexpected but, I need to trust the process and see what happens. I need to trust that she is writing a plan to help me meet my goals (which she didn’t laugh at, BTW) just as she trusts me to do the work and give feedback about any problems.

I don’t think she can help with the temps, though

I can already tell it’s going to be an interesting summer!  Thank goodness Little Runner is old enough for me to safely nap by the pool while he swims.  I think I’m going to need the rest 🙂