Quick Updates

Wow, have things been crazy here!

  • A lot of emotional energy is going towards some family emergencies – good thoughts for my dad would be appreciated as well as for Little Runner.  LR is physically fine but is having a hard time dealing with all of the crappy stuff that’s going down right now.
  • The rest of my energy is going to training. I must say, it is going very well – I feel I am on track to break 4:30 at the Marine Corps Marathon!  If I do, that will be a 30+ minute PR from last year and a 90 minute improvement from my first one in 2013!
  • I’m getting tired.  Taper is coming soon(ish), right?
  • I’m running racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon on Sunday (first time!)  and am pushing for a PR, provided the chest cold I’m currently battling has moved out by then.
  • I was chosen to be a Race Ambassador for the Blue Ridge Marathon!!  Stay tuned to more information, when I have it – including a registration discount code!
  • My Facebook activity is almost nil now, due to FB hiding posts.  Check me out on Instagram if you want training updates, etc.  I post there almost every day.

That’s all for now. More soon!

(Let me know if you’ll be at the NAF on Sunday!)