RnR DC Training: Weeks 14-15

Woops!  Time got away from me.  I have also been battling some injury in my left foot/leg.  I think it was originally just from tying my shoe too tight but it started in the middle of my 12 miler and, of course, I kept going.  I wasn’t until it seriously impacted my second 20 miler (on a treadmill, no less) that I realized I should lay off a bit.

Week 14

Sunday: 12 miles, good except for the foot issue

Monday: rest and TKD

Tuesday: 5 miles with my morning group and it may have been a touch faster than I should have done…

Wednesday: 3 miles.  It should have been 5.

Thursday: rest

Friday: swim – a really good swim!

Saturday: 4 miles at pace

Total for the week: 24

Week 15

Sunday: 15 out of 20 and it hurt so bad that I couldn’t even take a step when I stopped

Sad runner 😦

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 50 minutes on the bike trainer

Wednesday: 8 miles with a ton of KT Tape! No pain. TKD

Happy runner :)
Happy runner 🙂

Thursday: TKD

Friday: swim on my own since the coach was gone

Saturday: 4 pace miles with no problem.

Total for the week: 27

Total training miles: 417.4

Miles for the year: 220.5

I don’t know about my foot and shin.  I think part of the problem is the treadmill.  Meanwhile, this is freaking me out a bit…

This had better be gone in 3 weeks!
This had better be gone in 3 weeks!

2 thoughts on “RnR DC Training: Weeks 14-15

  1. I told my friends who are running the race with me that when I was younger & living in PA we tended to have a snowstorm around my birthday and considering the race is just 4 days later, who knows what kind of weather we’ll get!

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