RnR DC Training: Week 13

Sunday My first 20 miler was amazing!  I was really worried about it, to say the least.  I thought my training had me on pace to hit my goal time at RnR but, until doing a longer distance run, it’s almost impossible to tell.  The day started with an early 6 AM meet-up with one of my runner friends.  She paced me through my first 6 miles.  Usually that loop feels like a slog but it was over before I knew it!

First 6 done!
First 6 done!

I then ran over to meet up with my second group for 7 miles around one of the local lakes.  Normally my time on this trail is very slow but I managed stay pretty on pace.  My last leg I had solo.  It was also super, super hilly (actually, this whole day was super hilly).  To give myself a carrot, I asked my husband and LR to meet me at the top of one of the hills.  They were happy to oblige!


DSCF7416 Then a quick 3 miles back to my car and I was DONE!  And, right on pace!!

Woot!  Race pace is 11:25
Woot! Race pace is 11:25

Monday – Rest!  My legs feel fine but I’m just tired!

Tuesday – 5 early morning miles with my running group and then a semi-private taekwondo lesson in the evening, with only 3 students.  I have been working hard to pass my proficiency for blocks and kicks and have been struggling with the kicks.  The instructor was like “you WILL pass this tonight!” and he rode my butt the entire evening.  But, I did pass!  I also paid for it – oh, my aching hips!  One kick combo is a roundhouse and then back kick and my hips do not like the turnover, especially after Sunday!

Wednesday – I finally got in my morning 8 miler – the last two were stymied by weather and illness.  I was glad to get it done before work rather than know it was waiting for me all day!  LR and I also attended another TKD class where we had sparring.  I managed to kick another adult in the knee and nicely sprained my big toe.  Brilliant.

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Swim!  At lot of endurance work but I managed to take 20 seconds off my 200 yd time.

Saturday – I ran with a friend who was attempting her first 14 miler.  I paced her through the first four before handing her off to leg 2 and I finished off my run solo.  The plan called for 8 but I only had time for 6.5 due to a mid-morning birthday party.

All in all, a good week!  I’m so thankful for my running community!  They have made the world of difference in this training cycle!

Miles for the week: 39.5
Total training miles: 366.4

Miles for the year: 169.5


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