Product Review: LYFT Energy Stir Sticks

I received the opportunity to review LYFT Energy Stir Sticks, a 0 calorie product with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and I was intrigued.  I am a caffeine junkie!  I have managed to cut back to “just” 3 cups of coffee a day (usually) but could easy drink more.  I just returned from a very long and busy conference to find my sample waiting for me and I was overjoyed!


I decided to test one out mid-morning, just in case my touchy stomach didn’t like it.  I didn’t want to worry about any digestive problems during my tough evening workouts.

The “delivery system” is a plastic, perforated stick.  You peel off the protective wrapping and stir it into your beverage of choice for 10 seconds.


I chose to add it to my orange seltzer water.  I am very sensitive to artificial tastes and there was absolutely no weird taste with LYFT.  In fact, it didn’t change the taste at all!

The company says that each stick has the caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee.  I did feel a little bit of pep but I think I need to try the second stick when I’m not so dead tired because I still managed to take a nap a couple of hours later.



No funny taste

Can add to any drink (great when you don’t want a hot cup of coffee!)

No digestive problems


It’s a minor quibble but I wasn’t sure when all of the product was out of the stirrer.  I think I stirred longer than needed “just to be safe”.


I liked LYFT and would consider using it again.  If you’re interested in trying it, check out their website, Facebook page, or Twitter for special special offers and giveaways.

#sweatpink #cleancaffeine #pureLYFT

Disclaimer: I received a sample of the LYFT product for review but no other compensation.

The above review is my own opinion.


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