May Day!

Welcome to a new month!

I never did understand the May Pole. The thought of them always made me dizzy.

We survived our “April showers” of the past few days with minimal damage in our area.  A park where I had hoped to ride on Sunday is currently under water but at least our lower level of the house is dry!

Did you make these in school too?

The temperatures are finally seasonal and the rain has helped control the pollen so I’m looking forward to some time outside over the next few days.  Race wise, I have a Mother’s Day triathlon by the same people who hosted the Tune Up Tri that I did in March and it is nice to look forward to a race with no sleet or snow 🙂  I am also running my first “far away” race – the Chicago Spring Half Marathon.  I will be in town for a conference and my hotel is right by the start so I thought “why not?”.  Since I will then have to go immediately after the race into several days of long meetings, I have a feeling I will soon learn “why not”!  I will definitely be packing compression gear!

Other than that, I will continue to build my base.  Next month starts marathon training (already!) and I have my first true sprint distance tri waiting for me.

I wish!

I hope you are able to enjoy this fine spring day!  Continue to strive for progress, not perfection and remember that tomorrow is always a chance to start anew.


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