Isagenix: 60 Day Check In

I have just completed my first 60 days with Isagenix and I’m still liking the products!  I only lost 3 lbs last month but I literally had to safety pin my pants so they would stay on this morning so I think it’s safe to say that I’m dropping fat 😀

I think I’m burning some serious grapefruit!


2010 (not my heaviest)
Last week




For comparison








I see baby abs!

And I’m definitely not starving myself! I ran 19 miles on the 26th so I ate a lot more that day but I average around 1900 calories a day unless I have a heavier workout.calories

I’m starting to add in the Isagenix line of fuel on the run, both an energy gel that tastes like apple pie (it’s like if Huma gels and GU had a love child) and e+ shots mid run on my supper long days for an extra boost.  So far, so good!  I’ll write more about these products soon!

Overall, still super pleased and I’m seeing an improvement in my endurance and speed.  Still no migraines (I had one in Jan but none in Feb), my back and hip are doing great (well, my back hated Sunday’s run but that was a different problem), and my hamstring hardly hurts at all any more.  This is dated but #winning totally fits!


2 thoughts on “Isagenix: 60 Day Check In

  1. New to your blog. I find it by chance when googling Isagenix and running. I have enjoyed your past post. I came to enjoy running in my mid 40’s (50 now) and just starting the Isagenix program. Will be following

    1. Welcome! I haven’t been posting because the end of the school year kicked my hiney but I hope to have some more stuff up soon! I also post Isa-related stuff (and running) on Instagram more frequently.

      On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM, Unexpected Runner wrote:


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