Race Week!

Race week is finally here!  This training cycle feels like it has zoomed by, and while it has definitely had its challenges and set backs,  I think we are ready to tackle the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Yesterday’s last long run was just eight miles but it had some nice, long hills built in to it. Mile 4ish took us down a road called Hillside.  Any guesses as to the terrain??  I remember the first time I attempted Hillside.  I ran down it okay but practically crawled my way back up.  Yesterday, I felt great!  We kept super even splits and I never felt like I was dragging myself or that I was lagging (too terribly far) behind my running partners.

Honestly, this was the best and happiest run I’ve been on in a while.  The sun rose while we were running and, while it was crisp, the sky was clear and there was no wind.  I tried to just soak up the sights and enjoy the morning – and store up some “good” feelings for Saturday.

I know Saturday will be far from easy but this is a “joy” run for us.  Our plan is to run with light feet and a grateful heart and I, for one, will be thankful every step for how far I have come!  I won’t be the fastest but the fact that I’m even there is pretty spectacular!



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