Welcome to Taper Town (again)

I’m not going to lie, Hal Higdon had thoroughly kicked my butt with this training schedule!  I’ve used Higdon before but this is my first time with his Intermediate 2 plan and the higher mileage plus mid-week speed work has really put me to the test!  I think it’s paying off, though.  Sunday’s long run was split into parts (more on that later) but the first part had me with 8 miles at a 9:45 average  pace, with walk breaks.  That’s pretty phenomenal for me, especially on super tired legs.

It feels like the past few weeks, I’ve done nothing but run.

I’ve run at 3:55 am (ugh!)

Yes, I bring my coffee in my shower with me. Don’t you??

I’ve run when it was so hot and humid that I felt like my eyeballs were melting and with tights and gloves, all in the same week.


Getting silly on the Wilson Bridge
Sharing the “Love of the Run” ❤

I’ve run up a million hills.

lorton hills
This was just cruel

I’ve run while evading alligators and “swamp people” while visiting my parents in FL.

I was sweating my buns off but the people walking their dogs thought I was crazy for wearing a short sleeve top and shorts!
I was a little disappointed to not see any wildlife except birds.  I was hoping for at least a turtle.

I didn’t run when I had to bail on my Saturday long run due to an unrelenting migraine (thanks, allergies! Also, I’m so lucky to have running friends who not only understand but run me back to my car so I don’t get hit or fall in my somewhat altered state!  I really don’t remember much from that morning and I came home and slept almost all day)

I ran a “progressive” 20 miler – solo, 1 partner, 5 partners, egg hunt, treadmill – in order to get it all done and still be there for my family (I’m so lucky that they are so understanding and supportive)

And, done!

And each month I say “Man, I ran more this month than I ever have before!” — I’m looking at over 170 miles this month…

But, I survived to see the taper!  Uncle Hal’s taper is a bit stingy and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet — I still have a 4 am run scheduled for tomorrow which feels very, very wrong — but I am positive that I am a much stronger runner now than I was 16 weeks ago.  I still don’t know what Blue Ridge has in store for us but, whatever happens, we can honestly say that we have given this our all!


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