Blue Ridge Training: weeks 8.5-10

Everything has been ticking along pretty well.  I’m nailing my speed work/hill work on Wednesdays but seem to be paying for it (still) on my mid-week longer runs on Thursdays.  My Sunday long runs have been tough but the Share the Love virtual half seems to have put some pep back in my step.

As usual, the good and the bad seem to take turns but this week definitely ended with the pointer at GOOD!


I didn’t like that I skipped my swim on Tuesday because I was just so dang tired.

I liked (really?) meeting my running buddy at Oh My God thirty for hill repeats on a kinda sketchy highway (safety in numbers, people!).  It was a long-ass hill so we sprinted up, tried not to puke, and sprinted back down x 3 instead of 6 uphills only.

I didn’t like not finishing my Thursday run.  My legs felt funky in the morning half and I was fighting a migraine in the afternoon. The 3:45 -4:10 alarms for several days in a row were really catching up with me.

I liked meeting some ladies I haven’t seen in FOREVER for 9 miles on Saturday, followed by coffee and doughnuts.

I didn’t like that I hurt my knee on Friday afternoon and it was swollen and sore on Saturday.  I taped and ran anyway, with the promise to stop if it started hurting.

I liked that I was able to complete all 9 miles.

I didn’t like that I felt a bit too good and kept jack-rabbiting ahead or pushing my friend when she really didn’t need my shit.  I’m soooo sorry!

I liked that wearing my CWX Stabilyx tights all afternoon on Saturday and during my run on Sunday was really good for my knee.  I only had one big hill at the end that kicked it off.  Everything else was fine.  I will be wearing them again for the marathon!

I LOVED that we were able to run 19 miles on Sunday at a 10:23 average pace and the miles just flew by!  We had friends pop in for some miles in the middle and that was such a nice treat!  We also had one crazy (and I say that with love 🙂 ) lady join us for 18 miles when the longest she had ever run before was 15 – a year ago!  Totally bananas and completely Bad Ass!  I was so super impressed by her stamina and form!!

Today, I’m feeling pretty fly (do people still say that? I’m so old) and am actually looking forward to Sunday’s 20!

Onward and upward!



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