Surviving the Big Chill

First, you drink a lot and hope to break into stardom by playing an uncredited corpse… Oh, not that Big Chill!

The unseasonably warm weather (shorts on Christmas day!) has left us and we are in a  little arctic snap right now on the east coast.  The change in weather has left a few of us confused on what to wear so I thought I’d break down what I wore on today’s 3 mile run (13 degrees with strong winds for a real feel of 0 or negative 5, depending on the weather app).

Bottom, up…

I knew I was only going for 3 miles and wasn’t sure of my pace so I wanted to keep my feet warm.  I wore wool Balega socks and wrapped a layer of saran wrap over them, to block the wind.   I would not do this on longer runs because my feet would over heat.  It was nice for this distance, though!  My toes stayed warm!


I wore fleece lined Sugoi tights with Asics wind resistant pants over them.  The Asics were too small when I bought them a few years ago and I’m happy I was too lazy to return them!  They fit fine today and the swishing noise was worth the extra wind protection.

Up top, I wore a long sleeve tech shirt, a matching flocked half zip (both from Target courtesy of some retail therapy this weekend), and a long fleece vest ($5 from Old Navy a few years ago. Ugly but long and helps keep my butt warm).  I was just fine in this and almost got a bit warm on the fast first mile today.

Hands were cheapo Target gloves with a  disposable handwarmer and covered with wind resistant Saucony gloves.  My finger tips were cold for the first mile but then warmed up.12489870_10153140704222470_294271007_o.jpg


Head was a long Buff around my neck/face (though I pulled it down rather quickly) and a heavy hat that comes over my ears.

Post run. I think my nose matches my top!

This combo worked quite well for me.  I usually run pretty warm and, as I said, my core got a little warm so I would have either unzipped the vest or even removed it if we had gone longer.  My butt was a bit cold but that’s to be expected.  Everything else was pretty comfortable!

Tell me: what is your favorite piece of cold weather gear?  Or do you prefer to stick to the treadmill when the temps drop?


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