Blue Ridge Training: Week 2

Christmas, and the insanely unseasonably warm weather this week, about did me in!


Planned: 3 plus cross training

Actual:  Cross training only. I counted Sunday’s lights run as my 3 miles for today.


Planned: 3 easy

Actual: 3 easy. I’m digging the easy Muffin Miles!  We had a run and cookie exchange and it was a blast!

An impressive crew for 4:55 am!
Some shenanigans on our route


Planned:  30 minute tempo run

Actual: Cross training only.  The day just got away from me. Basically, if I don’t do my run before 7 am, it is unlikely to happen.


Planned: 5 miles

Actual: 3 painful miles.  I was feeling a bit stressed and decided to squeeze in my 30 minute tempo run from Wednesday.  Everything was great for the first mile and a half and then my left calf totally seized up and was a block of wood for the rest of my run.  It still hurt the next day!  I blame the sudden lack of bananas in my diet plus being a bit dehydrated.


Planned: swimming

Actual: 4 fast Christmas miles with a speedy momma.  I wasn’t sure my leg to handle it but I managed to hang on.

It was raining like crazy and insanely humid but these ladies (and Reggie!) still joined me for some miles 
One of my favorite presents – a 30lb kettle bell 🙂
Another favorite! From Another Mother Runner/Run Like A Mother


Planned: 5 miles

Actual: 5 early miles with some bunnies.  They were very kind to wait for me on the hills.  I hate being slower in reality than I am in my head.  And yes, I do think running a marathon on a mountain is a good idea (in response to a question I received after I huffed up a big one)


Planned: 11 miles at race pace

Actual: 11 hilly miles (again! And I included one road called Hillside!) at 11:05 pace.  AND!! I hit my mileage goal for the year!



One thought on “Blue Ridge Training: Week 2

  1. Congrats on hitting your miles for the year! I’ve been contemplating the Blue Ridge Marathon, but since I’m doing the Backyard to Vineyard challenge in Asheville in March this year, I think that one is going to have to wait… but I’m secretly keeping an eye on the Grandfather Mountain Marathon in July. Gotta love those mountains!

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