Blue Ridge Training: Week 1

My first week of training for the Blue Ridge marathon is done!  I really liked looking back on my log when I mapped everything out for Rock n Roll so I think I’m going to do it again.


Planned: 3 plus cross training

Actual: 3 small loops around my house with 25 kettlebell swings each loop and planks as part of a plank challenge.


Planned: 3 easy

Actual: 3 easy.  I was thrilled to be able to join the weekly “muffin run” this week!  Also, 75 KB swings, a plank, and week 2/day 1 of an 8 week “strength for runners” plan.


Planned: 3 hill repeats

Actual: 3 hill repeats on the treadmill.  I warmed up for a mile at a 10 minute pace and then did three repeats of incline set to 5 and speed set to 6.5 for a quarter mile (which, according to this chart, is a 7:47 pace :o).  I recovered for a quarter mile and then did it again.  It was actually really good!  Also, 75 KB swings and a plank.


Planned: 5 miles

Actual: 0 miles.  It was just one of those days.  Just a plank today.


Planned: swimming

Actual: nothing.  I forgot both my goggle and my back up goggle at home!  #fail  Just a plank today.


Planned: Celtic Solstice 5 Miler

Actual: Five miles in my neighborhood with friends.  When I went to lay out my “Flat Momma” on Friday, I couldn’t find my bib!

My poor polar bear was very sad

We literally tore the entire house apart with no luck 😦  I’m now certain that I jinxed myself by wearing the race pull-over on Friday.

Pretty sweet premium!  A Brooks half zip, with thumb holes!

My neighborhood run was a lot of fun, though, and I got to visit with some ladies I haven’t seen in a long time so it all worked out.

Also, 75 KB swings, a plank, and week 2/day 2 of the strength plan.


Planned: 10 miles, race pace

Actual: 10 hilly miles, 10:45 pace.  I ran it solo and it was tough but good!  I then ran 3 miles with Little Runner with my Moms Run This Town running group.  We had a holiday lights run that was a blast!

LR taking a break, mid-hill. Yes, he was running while wrapped in battery-powered Christmas lights.
My polar bear is happier now

Also, 100 KB swings an a plank.

Overall, I think the training plan started out well!


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