Next Stop: Marine Corp Marathon!

Compared to Rock n Roll DC, I’ve kept my training for the 2015 Marine Corp Marathon very much “under the radar”.  I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention internally and really working to improve my foundation.  I’ve overhauled my nutrition (and dropped 11 pounds in the process!), I’ve nailed my long runs, I’ve worked on my turnover rate, and I’ve really worked on being a “lighter” runner, in every regard.

Is that enough?  Good question!  While I think I’m successfully juggling all of the variables that I can control, you just never know when the race is going to throw you a nice, heavy wrench!

None of these, please!
None of these, please!

I have two concerns right now.

  1. My knee.  It has been problematic ever since RnRDC (yes, that was in March…).  I had a cortisone shot two weeks ago and that has definitely helped but there is still some issue there.  No, I have not gone for my MRI yet.  Denial is more than a river in Egypt!  I pinkie-swear that I will get it scanned early next week.  Until then, I’m taping the crap out of it and hoping for the best.
  2. The weather.  It’s been very seasonable, if on the chilly side, the past few weeks.  Sunday?  High of almost 70.  I’m not getting too antsy yet, though, as it can still change (pleasepleaseplease)

My Big Ass Scary Goal is to *finally* break 5 hours (I’m keeping my Bigger Ass Scarier Goal to myself 😉 ).  To do that, I will focus on not going out too fast, actually following my nutrition plan and take something every 40 minutes and half a mile before the bridge, and not walking that F-ing 14th Street Bridge.  I am going to run that bastard right into the ground!  (every time I go over it, be it on foot during a race or in my car, I tell it off – usually with a generous helping of profanity.  It’s NOT getting me this year!!)

What happens if all of my goals go out the window and it’s hotter than Hades on the bridge and I do a death march from Crystal City (again)?  Nothing.  I know I can finish.  It won’t be the finish that I want but I know that I am a much stronger runner than I was when I ran MCM in 2013 or even RnRDC earlier this year. That knowledge, alone, is worth all of the work I’ve done over the past 17+ weeks.  If I don’t hit my goals this time, it just means I need to keep working.

Impossible only takes longer
Impossible only takes longer

So, that’s it! I’ll be back with an epic recap early next week.  If you’ve been around my blog for a bit, you know it will include inappropriate humor, bad language, and a lot of crying 🙂

Catch you on the flip side!


3 thoughts on “Next Stop: Marine Corp Marathon!

  1. Good luck on Sunday! My boss is running the MCM as his first marathon, after I talked for weeks about signing up for the lottery, he joined me in the lottery and as luck had it, he got in and I didn’t. I’ve got another 2 weeks before my marathon in Savannah and I’ll be chasing the same dream as you – to break that 5 hour mark. You’ll do great!!

  2. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday! Don’t worry about your knee… I’m guessing it is just overuse, nothing broken or anything like that. I hope the weather stays cool! My half last Sunday was perfect running weather – and that makes a huge difference for me!

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