RnR DC Training: Week 18

This is it! The last week of training!

Sunday: The weather finally cooperated for a last outdoor run on Sunday.  One of my favorite hill friends and I tackled 8 miles.  We had planned on a 10:30 pace but wound up closer to 10, even with having to mince our way through some icy spots and taking a few detours.

Monday: Rest. Total rest, not even taekwondo (don’t want to break a toe again!)

Tuesday: The Muffin Run rides again!  Over 30 ladies gathered at 5 AM to run through the neighborhood.  I did my 3 and actually stuck around to partake of some treats at the end.

What a bunch a lunatics! We were booted from the school parking lot so we have to hang out on the sidewalk (surrounded by mud pits) instead. It’s an absolute riot!

Wednesday: After much deliberation, I decided to go to swim class but the coach was like “what are you even doing here??” and greatly modified my workout.  I basically just swam laps for an hour.  In the evening, I skipped TKD again but had to drop off LR for his competition team practice.  I knew some ladies were meeting at the nearby high school for track so I decided to head there for some laps but we were foiled by soccer and band.  I finally wound up back in my ‘hood for a quick 3 miles.  The first one clocked in at 8:50!  And I kept running! At a much slower pace but I didn’t immediately stop and puke in the bushes 🙂 #progress

Thursday: Rest again.  I also hit the expo and picked up my bib and a few other goodies.

1891586_427903690690564_1135116906600308497_oFriday: Rest again. Plan called for 2 easy miles but I decided my sleep was more important.  We also have a “fun fair” at LR’s school tonight so there will be more time on my feet than I would like.

And, that’s all!  Tomorrow is the big day!  They are calling for rain but that’s okay, I’m not that sweet 😉  Check in on my Facebook page if you want to follow the race-day fun!

IMG_3883Total miles for the week: 14

Total training miles: 488.6

Miles for the year: 291.7


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