RnR DC Training: Week 17

Sunday – I had an awesome 10 mile race on Sunday!  I will definitely write up the race report later this week but I went from being forcibly removed from the house by my husband to setting a 7 minute PR!  In snow!  That was just the mental boost I needed going into the last two weeks of training!

10 miles, in the snow, with a smile on my face the entire time!

Monday – Taekwondo

Tuesday – 4 treadmill miles.

Wednesday – Swim!  We were supposed to start long-course training (50 m lengths instead of 25 yds) but they haven’t reset the pool yet so we did 100 sprint repeats. It was tough!  I then attended taewkondo in the evening (still trying to pass my mastery for my form) and could hardly do my push ups!

Thursday – 5 treadmill miles plus a ton of shoveling.  Go away, winter!

Friday – 4 treadmill miles.  The weather was nice but there was too much snow to navigate.

Saturday – 3 early treadmill miles plus a day spent at LR’s taekwondo tournament.  He placed first for his form, third in board breaking, and first in sparring!

He worked hard for this spot!

One more week to go before race day!! I’m so excited!!

Total miles for the week: 26

Total training miles: 474.6

Miles for the year: 277.7


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