RnR DC Training: Week 11

Sunday:  Oh thank goodness!  A rest day!  My everything hurts.

Monday: A day off means a rare sunlight run!  I busted out 8 hilly miles with as strong finish with my last half mile at 8:40 pace!  Not bad considering I wasn’t sure if I could walk this morning!  All of the muscles in my back are still sore from Saturday’s slip-and-slide.

I also attended taekwondo with Little Runner and was privileged to witness his belt ceremony for the first time.  He is now a blue belt, which is the half-way point to black belt at his school.  I’m so proud of him!

Tuesday: Five early morning miles with my running group.  I switched my early morning at work just so I could attend 🙂

Wednesday: Little Runner is sick so no 8 miler for me 😦  So far, I haven’t completed any of my Wednesday Eights.  I have two more left on the schedule.

Thursday:LR is still sick but improving so I was able to complete my five miles on the treadmill.

Friday: Swim!  I set a distance PR!  I first thought it was 1800 yds but then realized that I can’t count.  I now think it was 2250!  Whatever.  I was just glad it was stroke work with paddles and pull buoys rather than endurance!

Saturday: The weather was looking dicey so I decided to stay inside.  I had a great 8 mile run on the treadmill while watching the second Hunger Games movie.  The fact that I had to do it at pace so it wasn’t a butt-kicker helped the enjoyment factor 🙂

Miles for the week: 26
Total training miles: 300.9 <– woot!


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