Friday fears

Tomorrow I will be running 18 miles in 3 chunks. I will run a 5K at 9, a 20K at 10, and then I’ll run the remaining 2.5 miles at the end. This is either brilliant or a recipe for disaster!

I need to make sure I don’t go out too fast in the 5K. I need to stay warm in the break at 9:30 (and remember dry gloves). I’ll need to force myself to finish the last few miles at the end.

I’m also worried about the drive home at the end. When I finished my 17 miles on Sunday, my legs were cramping so bad that I had to lay down on the bed and pull them into my chest for a bit. I need to remember my Stick and take the time to stretch at the end!

The course is very flat gravel up and down a towpath along the C&O Canal. It will likely be muddy and messy but I haven’t gone this long in my trail shoes so I’ll stick to the road shoes.

Wow, I’m more nervous than I thought! After this, I will have 2 20-milers and then I’ll begin my taper. How did this happen so fast??? I hope I’ll be ready in time!


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