Surviving Winter

I had my longest run to date, 17 miles, on Sunday.  The region was just coming off from a “polar vortex” so it was 17 degrees when I started and there was still ice and snow in many areas, especially on the trail around the lake.  But, there was no wind and it was sunny!

So, this is what I wore:532955_402466669900933_8475123495248727979_n* Loosely knit hat with fleece edging on the inside from Dick’s Sporting Goods

* “Buff” type wrap that I could wear over my mouth but I was actually plenty warm so I just pushed it down to around my neck

* Tight fitting wicking shirt as base layer (from Target)

* Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Nordic top (it has a funnel neck)

* Lands End ThermaCheck fleece gloves

* Sugoi MidZero Tights

* Wool socks

* I wore my regular running shoes but I wish I had worn my trail shoes for the ice and snow – but that wasn’t too horrible.

And I was absolutely comfortable during my whole run!  The only problem was my fleece gloves became very wet and when I took them off at the midway point to refuel, they were cold and gross.  Next time I will stick another pair in my CamelBak.

If it has been windy, I would have worn a windproof layer between my top layer and my outer.  I would have also wrapped my feet in saran wrap (over my socks).  I don’t have wind pants but I might have worn a pair of looser pants over the tights. I want a winter running skirt (to keep my butt warmer!) but I hate things shifting around so I probably won’t go that route.

For skin protection, I put on a layer of very thick hand cream on my hands right before I left and I used Body Glide around my eyes to help with the salt.  If it had been windier, I would have used cream on my face, too.

I also had my CamelBak with me.  I was worried about the line freezing and I don’t have an insulated cover so I filled it with very warm water right before I left and I blew out the tube after every drink.  The line stayed clear until mile 14 or so and I think the only reason it froze then was that I wasn’t drinking often enough.

Running in the cold is actually pretty nice and, honestly, I prefer this to 80 degrees!  However, I could do without the ice 🙂


One thought on “Surviving Winter

  1. I second your thoughts on the cold weather running over 80 degree+ running though the wintery mix and fog we’ve been having lately is definitely challenging my interest in getting outside at all!

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