RnR DC: Training Week 9

Halfway point and not only are my runs starting to slide a bit but so is my weekly report…

Sunday: The family did the last 5K to earn us a special “trifecta” medal. It was forecast for a cold rain but, luckily, the weather held and Little Runner PRd his 5K time by over a minute, even with a hilly course!  I finished off my long run for the day by squeezing in a late 10 miler with a friend later in the afternoon.  Holy moly, that was a mistake!  Late runs on a Sunday are incredibly hard.  We both agreed to never do that again! 🙂

Monday: Rest and taekwondo

Tuesday: Plan called for 4 but I only made it 2.5 on the treadmill before I called it quits 😦 Every little thing was bugging me and I just could even deal.l-338

Wednesday: Much better treadmill run tonight and I managed the prescribed 5 miles!

Thursday: Fell short again. Plan called for 4 and I made it 3. Crud.

Friday:  Back to swim!  I could definitely tell I hadn’t been in the pool for two weeks and fell very short on the workout.  I’m sensing a theme!

Saturday: Hey, guess what!  Short again!  The plan called for 8 but only did 5.  We were out late on Friday, I was trying to run late on Saturday (I thought I had decided on Sunday to not do that!), and I was totally distracted by personal events.  Also, to be fair, the (super young) taekwondo instructor tried to burn out our legs in the morning class.  That definitely didn’t help.

Okay, not the best week but (spoiler alert) Sunday’s 17 miler made up for it!

Miles for the week: 28.6

Total training miles: 229.8


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