RnR DC Training: Week 10

Sunday: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go with friends”. That totally sums up my “it takes a village” long run! I had two women from my running group show up at 7:00 on a very cold morning to help me through my first 8 miles where they passed me off to two other runners. These two saw me through my second and third legs. Even though I was hurting at the end, I was very happy with 17 miles at an 11:40 pace πŸ™‚ Perfect!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: An early four miles with some of my running group. I love getting the miles done early!

Wednesday: 8 miles in the treadmill since Little Runner’s school was closed.
We also attended our taekwondo class and I’ve almost passed my sparring requirement! (Not my favorite).

2015/01/img_0060.jpg Yeah, Virginia…

Thursday: Intentional rest day.

Friday: Swim. I had to modify like crazy but I was able to complete the full hour. My breathing is all kinds of sucky right now!

Saturday: Second long run. I ran 1 mile, then the 5K race, then another 1/2 mile. Stopped to gear up with fresh gloves and my CamelBak. Headed out for the 20K + 1 … and promptly died. The course had a LOT more ice than I expected and I took a good slip and basically limped my way to the finish. Needless to say, I did not get my last mile in!


2015/01/img_0062.jpg it was cold enough for people to play hockey on the canal!

Eh, it ended out not the best. But I still have my “swagger” πŸ™‚


Miles for the week: 45.1
Total training miles: 274.9


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