RnRDC Training: Week 7

Sunday– I was hosting a holiday light run in the evening so I broke up my miles for the day.  I ran 6+ with an early morning crew and then 3 as part of the light run. It was quite a bit of fun!  And the treats at the end were nice, especially the rum fudge!

Monday –  Rest! Little Runner and I decided to brave the cold and rain and headed for the zoo.  We had a good time and the place was empty!

One of the zoo’s 5 (? or 6?) elephants

Tuesday – I had the day off so I met up with the 5am Muffin Run crew – named because the hostess for this run always bakes yummy treats.  You would think that an early run, right before Christmas, and in the drizzling rain would not be appealing but we had around 20 women out there! It was funny because there were two police cars meeting in the school lot where we meet up.  I’m sure they were wondering what the heck we were doing!  It was nice to get my four out of the way.

So much awesomeness!
So much awesomeness!

Wednesday – Still home and the weather is crummy so LR and I headed to the gym so he could hit the kids’ gym and I could use the treadmills. I ran 4 miles of hill intervals and I was able to hit 8:40 for a few of the intervals!

Thursday – Merry Christmas!

I will never have to hunt for gloves again!
I think this hoodie is my favorite present! It’s actually dark blue. From http://teespring.com/262run

After a relaxed morning with the family I met up with a few other stir crazy Mommas for a group run.  I was surprised to have any takers on my run request!  The weather was absolutely fabulous for my 7 miles!

Tanks and t-shirts at the end of December! Crazy!

Friday– The pool is closed for repairs at my gym so I decided to try a PiYo class with some of my running friends.  Oh. My. Goodness!  I almost died!  So many one legged downward dogs!  Obviously, my core needed this.  I wish I could figure out how to make it a regular feature in my workouts.

Saturday – I’m still sore from Friday so I quickly jumped on the “flat 7” run!  I’m very lucky to live in an area with a lot of trails and water.  As we ran on a paved path through the woods, we were able to watch the sunrise and it was at it’s peak as we reached the lake for the turn around.  It was so beautiful!  The view was totally worth setting the alarm on a Saturday!

Miles the week: 31

Total training miles: 172.2


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