RnRDC Training: Week 6

Sunday – The family did a local 5K today.  We are preparing for our five miler next week so I decided to play around with intervals.  We did a 5:1 interval with a 12:40 average pace.  It seemed to work well for us!  Oh, and both my husband and Little Runner placed in their Age Group 🙂

3rd and 2nd ! And they deserve an extra prize for allowing me to dress them as elves :)
3rd and 2nd ! And they deserve an extra prize for allowing me to dress them as elves 🙂

I was supposed to do 3 more but my legs were killing me from Saturday and I needed to get up the Christmas tree so… crud.

Monday – Rest and taekwondo. I hope to make it twice this week but we’ll see.

Tuesday – 3.1 speedy miles.  I took 20 seconds off from my 5K PR!  My goal is to get it down to 28 minutes by spring.

Wednesday – The plan called for 5 but I miscalculated my turn-aound and only did 4.5.  Since it was 5 in the morning and I knew my coffee was waiting for me, I absolutely COULD NOT keep going past my street for the last half a mile!  I also threw in an extra taekwondo session with LR.  I’ve been avoiding the Wednesday night sparring sessions for far too long…

Thursday – Intentional rest day.  We are doing endurance testing tomorrow in our last swim session for the fall so I want to be well rested and (relatively) pain free.

Friday – Swim! My 300 yd time is 7:16. I have a lot of work to do!

Saturday – Our participation in Surfin’ Santa was nixed due to weather concerns so I ran 5 solo miles and then the family joined me for a MRTT holiday family run. LR ran a mile in 10:20 and then went back out for another one! This is the same kid who was complaining bitterly during the first mile on Sunday…,

Miles for the week: 16.7 -way too short!!

Total training miles: 141.2


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