RnRDC Training: Week 5

Sunday – I had my first run over ten miles since…I think May!  It was windy and chilly so I was dreading the run but it really wasn’t too bad!  11 miles at a 10:40 pace and I felt like I could have easily kept it up for much longer.  I felt like my legs were moving so slow but I was almost a minute faster than my target pace.  I don’t even know…  I think I’ll have a better idea as to what my marathon pace will be when I get to the 18/20 milers.

Monday – A real rest day.  I have a heavy week this week so I decided to not even do taekwondo.

Tuesday -Hill night was canceled due to weather so I did 3 miles of hill intervals on the treadmill.  I actually enjoyed it – even though I fell off the treadmill when I was trying to wipe my face off while running… I’m pure poetry in motion! 🙂

Wednesday – Another rest day.  I kinda messed up my planning so I had 11 miles on Sunday and will have 12 on Saturday.  That spikes my weekly miles by too much so I decided to cut this one out. While this was a planned cut, I still feel bad that I missed it.

Thursday – Another 3 miles on the treadmill.  I didn’t fall off this time but I did pop the circuit breaker about a mile into the run!  I was really getting into the groove of the interval and then *poof* everything went dark.  LR was running a space heater in the other room and that’s what shut me down.  I finished my run but wasn’t too pleased about the incomplete data.  Oh well!

Friday – Swim!  1800 yards of sprint intervals.  Intervals in the pool suck just as much as those on the track. Next week is our last session for the fall and we will be checking our endurance times.  I know I’ve made some real progress so I’m looking forward to comparing times! I’ll have two weeks off before the winter session begins but I hope to still do my swim (albeit at a more sane hour) on Fridays.

Saturday – 15K (get it? 12/13/14 15K!) +3 miles. This was a race put on by the local running store. It was their first time using this particular course and their second time using timing chips. My run keeper said it was almost 10 miles with an 11:06 average pace. The chip time says my pace was more like 13 minutes per mile. Now, I know what 13 feels like on that path and there is no way I was doing that! I’m sticking with my distance/time, which means I ran a half marathon without realizing it 🙂

Miles for the week: 30

Total training miles: 124.5


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