RnR DC Training: Week 4

Sunday – This was supposed to be my “long” run for the week and, therefore, slow.  But, running with my favorite bunny buddy around one of the local lakes changed that!  We wound up doing 6 miles with a 10:14 average pace!  Whoops!  What really shocks me is that I have run this trail many, many times and it wasn’t too long ago that I was lucky to gut out a 13 minute average.

Monday – Rest and taekwondo.

Tuesday – My hill repeats were rained out so I just did 3 solo miles instead.  I have decided that I really like running in cruddy weather!  I had my fastest 3 miles with my last mile a full minute faster than my first and it came in at an even 9:00 pace!  This is despite the rain, hills, slippery leaves, and being unable to see much through my wet glasses 🙂

Wednesday – 4 miles.  I won’t lie, the mid-week miles are the toughest for me.  Add in PMS and stomach distress and, well, let’s just say this wasn’t pretty.  I needed 6 but 4 is going to have to do.

Thursday –  Hill repeats!  I only have a few more weeks of 3 miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I don’t know what I’ll do when that jumps to 5…

Friday – Swim!  I didn’t want to get out of bed and was considering bailing but I went and I’m so glad I did!  Some form work with a tough ladder interval at the end made for a very good but tough mile.

Saturday – 6.2 miles. My friend thought we were running 4.5 mile, I thought we were running at a 10:30 pace (no watch) but we were both wrong!


Do you see that sub 9 mile?? Seriously, people, I feel like some switch has been thrown and I’m finally finding some speed! I’m so excited, I’m almost giddy!

Week 4, and month 1, has been awesome and I am very proud to say that I have stuck to my training plan for an entire month!  I know this is early days yet but I was already blowing off workouts by this time last training cycle. (bad runner!) I’m looking forward to the challenges of month 2!

Miles for the week: 22.2

Total training miles: 94.5


4 thoughts on “RnR DC Training: Week 4

  1. Awesome work for your first month of training! I’ve been sidelined the last two weeks with a hyperextended knee, but I’m hoping to test it out this week with a short run mid-week and see if I can get back on track. I’m supposed to do another half on December 21, so fingers crossed that goes well and I can start ramping up my mileage as well! I know you do taekwondo and swimming for cross training – do you do any specific core workouts? That’s something I definitely want to add in this time around.

    1. Yikes! I hope you are well on your way to recovery!

      I am not currently doing any focused core work but I just found a Pilates Reformer studio that’s not far from me and I plan to try it out during the winter break. I also really loved my TRX classes and personal training and saw a TON of benefit from it.

  2. You are doing awesome – I’m so impressed by your ability to make time to fit in exercise! This is a horrible week for me – too many after work commitments and travel too. Boo!

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