RnR DC Training: Week 3

Sunday – Today was my long run – 9 miles – and it was also LR’s 8th birthday.  After breakfast and presents, I hustled out to get my run done before it was time for his party.  I won’t lie, I was hurting by mile 2.  It has become painfully obvious that I need new shoes as mine felt like they had 0 give in them.  I wanted to quit and head home but I am trying so hard to stick to this training plan!  Instead, I decided to dedicate the run to LR!  I spent every mile thinking of where he was and what he was doing in that year of his life.  I finished mile 9 as “one to grow on” and thought about all I hoped for him for the coming year.  Then we went and ate a ton of cake!

Half chocolate/half vanilla - all yum!
Half chocolate/half vanilla – all yum!

Monday – Rest. I had a migraine and we had to take LR to the clinic for the dreaded pink eye (a direct result of Sunday’s party at a trampoline park, I’m sure!).

Tuesday – Hill repeats. Everyone begged off so I stuck close to home.  I ran over a mile of ladder repeats.  I was able to stick to a 7:20 pace up through the second “rung” 2/3 of the way up and was at 8:40 when I crested the quarter mile hill.  It’s not a monster hill, just under 5%, but I was super excited to see that time on my watch!  It also felt much easier than it did when I did the same workout on this hill a month ago.

Wednesday – We were able to leave work early so I enjoyed the novelty of a mid-week run in daylight. It was our first snow so, of course, I had to run in it! It was fine for the first mile but then the snow turned to sleet and then rain. I was a bit miserable but my new tights kept me toasty!

Thursday – Gobble,gobble!  The family joined me for a local turkey trot. We had a lot of fun and I was glad my husband was able to join us for his first official, timed, race.

Friday – self-directed swim. I was tempted to blow it off but I went and cranked out my mile. My shoulders felt super strong and I loved it!

Saturday – 5 lovely miles. It was chilly but not windy, my favorite running weather! I did a little experiment with positive self-talk and finished the last mile at 9:37, 30 seconds faster than my first mile (which was all down hill). It was pretty interesting and I’ll write more about it later in the week.

Bring on week four and a new month!
Miles for the week: 25.1

Total training miles: 72.3


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