Best Fleece Tights for a Curvy Girl

Can you hear it? I think there are angels singing because I finally found a pair of fleece tights that will work with my man-calves, big thighs, and (relatively) narrow waist!

This has been a long time coming! I kid you not, I once had to finish a race much faster than I planned because I was losing my tights! :0

I give you the SUGOi Mid Zero Tight.
They are actually cycling tights but they don’t have a pad so they are perfect for running. They have a high rise in the back, a drawstring, a small key pocket, and grippers at the ankles. I am 5’7″ and wear a 12/14. I bought an XL because smaller sizes strangle my calves. These were perfect! I might have been able to swing a smaller size but these are not noticeably loose and I’m happy to not feel like a sausage! The legs are also long enough that I think they would for someone up to 5’10”.

I have worn them twice, once for a 5 hilly miles, and they did not budge a bit. My only small complaint is that my ankles are thick (shocking) so the ankle grippers pinch a bit. Put the tights on over my socks fixed that problem.

I think I’m going to buy the sub-zero version next!

What is your favorite cold-weather gear?


3 thoughts on “Best Fleece Tights for a Curvy Girl

  1. Hohhot great! I’ve been thinking about getting tights. But when it was super cold a few days ago my treadmill inside looked better. 😃. Thanks for sharing.

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