RnR DC Training: Week 2

Sunday – Sunday was thankfully not as cold nor as windy as Saturday.  I was scheduled for an already registered trail run, the hardest in the series (!), and was feeling a bit nervous because my legs were a bit tired from Saturday’s adventures.  I had planned to run solo but unexpectedly ran into a friend at packet pickup so we just did a slow tour of the 5.5 mile course together.  This trail has a lot of rocks, steep declines, and a couple of stream crossings over narrow logs so I was more than happy to slow it down.  On the plus side, I felt absolutely great when I was finished and not once did I want to just lie down and die 🙂  ETA: the results were just posted and we were actually 2 minutes faster than when we ran the course in March.  I’m absolutely shocked!

Monday – “Rest” day so that means taekwondo with Little Runner.  At least it’s not running…  I got a little “show-offy” when doing leg lifts and my lower abs were still screaming murder on Wednesday.  Oops!  I guess I need to focus on them a bit more!

Tuesday – Hills.  It was a balmy 27 degrees but I met up with 3 other BAMRs and did a 3 mile workout with a horrible monster hill that I could not crest to save my life.  I now have a new goal!

Wednesday –  5 miles on tap but I didn’t want to run solo so I went to the local track to run loops while some of my running friends did speed work. Unfortunately, my legs had other plans and I only managed 3.

Thursday – I took the day off from work for an event at LR’s school so I was able to unexpectedly join some of my running friends for an easy 5 miles mid-morning.  Oh, the luxury of it all! It was a Very Good Day.

Friday – Swim.

Saturday – I decided to pull out of the Marine Corp Turkey Trot in favor of my running group’s November group run because LR has an early birthday party to attend and I didn’t think I could easily manage both.  I ran an early 7 miles and then my husband brought LR to the meet-up point and we ran, along with a shit ton of awesome mothers, 3 miles.  There were many yummy treats to be had at the end but I stayed strong.  LR greatly enjoy the donut holes, though 🙂

Side note: The purpose of the run was to collect food and coats for one of the local shelters and we were able to stuff 2 SUVs full! How awesome is that?

Anther week done!  Woot!

Miles for the week: 22.5

Total training miles: 47.2


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