5 Quick Tips

1. When it is really cold and windy, wrap a piece of Saran Wrap around each foot (on top of your socks!) before you put on your shoes. It will keep the wind from blowing through your uppers.

2. If you need to count intervals or laps, have a Baggie filled with that number of treats and eat one with each count. When the bag is empty, you’re done! I use jumbo raisins but jelly beans or other small candy would work well, too. (Thanks to Shut Up and Run for that one!)

3. Target has cheap knit gloves that work with touch screens. Buy a bunch at the end of the season and then you won’t feel bad if you lose one or toss them at an aid station. You can also double them up on extra cold days.

4. If you have a bade chafe point that Body Glide won’t help, put a small piece of KT Tape on the spot for extra protection.

5. Hang a small basket by your door for your hats, gloves, lights, etc. so they are easy to find as you head out for an early run. Keep extra batteries there, too, in snack bags with the size and number you need for you lights. The batteries always die when you have the least amount of time to hunt for more!

Do you have any quick tips to add?


2 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips

  1. My tip… don’t go outside in winter, bahahahaha. But seriously my treadmill and I going to have to become good friends this winter. I just can’t do cold.
    Another tip, always have kleenex stuffed in your pockets. My nose never fails to run in the cold. But make sure the kleenex doesn’t go through your laundry; it sticks to everything in little white fluffs.

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