Bring on Marathon #2

So, this came on Monday…


And I can’t wait to wear it this weekend, the official start of my training season for Marathon #2!

The Marine Corp Marathon last year was quite the experience and I learned a lot from it.  I’ll admit that I really struggled, in my training and in the race, because I did not have a very broad running base at the time.  I think the past year of additional running has really helped to set me up for a much better experience.  Last summer, trying to run a sub-10 minute mile was a real effort and I would want to die at the end of one.  This year, my “conversation” pace is in the 9s and now a mid-8 minute mile is my “gasp and puke” effort.  I don’t blanch at the thought of a half marathon and I’m not scared to death of double digit runs.  (I’m still scared of the 20 milers, though.  I’m not insane.)

I think my overall fitness is much better this year.  The cross-training I do for triathlon fitness is a huge bonus.  I have knocked quite a few percentage points of fat off from my frame.  Until training really ramps up in January, I am going to focus on my diet to try to bring my overall weight down.  Ideally, I would like to lose 15 lbs, but we’ll see.

Injury-wise, I’m maintaining.  My plantar fasciitis is gone in one foot and almost gone in the second.  My broken toe is… still broken (maybe again, after having too much fun bouncing around in taekwondo last night) but I can still run.  My back/hip is its usual wonky self but I have a line on a new chiropractor that I want to try.

The training plan I’m using this time is Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 program.  I chose it for the two twenty mile runs.  I am adjusting it a bit because he doesn’t call for any speed work or hill work.  I know that the RnR course has a nasty hill at mile 7 and a few other hills later in the course and I need to be ready for that so I’m throwing in a day of hill repeats on Tuesdays and choosing hillier courses for most of my long runs (not a difficult thing to do in NoVa!)

My life for the next 18 weeks.

My big, scary, A goal is to finish in less than 5 hours.  That would be a 50 minute PR (I told you I struggled!).  I think I’m ready to do it!


3 thoughts on “Bring on Marathon #2

  1. I’m thinking about that race for my #2 as well and even have the same time goal!! I’m 95% sure that’ll be the one, I just have to pull the trigger on actually registering. It’d be great to bring the Red loop trail finishers together for a road race!

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