So, you want to run a Ragnar Trail Relay

I have heard from several people who are interested in running a Ragnar Trail Relay. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!   Here are a few tips that may make things a bit easier:

Consider bringing at least one canopy with sides. Otherwise, bring enough tarps to wrap around the sides.  We could only cover 1 side and a bit around the corner to act as a wind break and even that little bit helped but more would have been better.

Remember to bring duct tape.

Bring at least one change of clothes for weather 20 degrees warmer and 20 degrees colder than predicted, especially if it’s in the mountains.

Bring disposable hand warmers.

Bring an extra pair of dry shoes for your last leg.

Schedule the strongest runners to run the red loop last. By the time you get to that last run, your legs are toast.

Have at 1-2 very strong runners who would be willing to pace during the night legs.  Having the extra set of lights really does help!

You can’t have too many gallon size ziploc bags. Ditto garbage bags, especially when you are breaking down your camp.

An old-fashioned percolator can save your life! Coffee in the camp doesn’t start until 10 PM on the first day.

Baby wipes are great.

Use a big plastic bin to bring your gear. No worries if it rains/snows/etc. and it’s an extra flat space.

Consider bringing a hunk of outdoor carpet to put in the common area.

Make one of your smaller tents the “changing” tent.

If your shoes are wet, immediately pull out the sock liner/insoles and stuff with newspaper. They won’t be completely dry but they will be less soggy for your next leg.

Make sure you bring enough calories.  Focus on nutrient dense food – your body will definitely need it.

Try to sleep whenever the opportunity presents itself. I foolishly wasted a good nap time and wound up with only 1 hour of sleep.

Have a team that is flexible and can adjust easily to varied weather conditions, running schedules, delays, etc.

Remember that this is FUN! 🙂

Have you run a Ragnar Trail Relay (or other overnight event)? What would you add to the list?




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