(Trying To) Train Smart

My hip/SI joint has been problematic since … well years, but the most recent flair-up is due to it popping out right before the 17.75.  It has been very angry and inflamed since then.  Last week it had settled down by mid-week so I keep a date for a group run of 6 miles on a very technical and hilly trail.  That sounds like a good choice, right?  </sarcasm>

I love, love, love that trail!  It is super tough but so pretty and peaceful and I just couldn’t say no to it even though I was thinking that maaaybe it wasn’t such a hot idea.  The run went great without too much pain.  Our group then did a lot of prolonged stretching in the parking lot immediately following the finish – you knew we were all in pain because we were sitting right in the gross lot instead of moving to the nice grass.  I iced, Adviled, and rested and had total rest on Sunday.  Monday was tolerable so I ran 1.5 miles to my personal training session (where I limited my movements) and then ran 2 miles back home.  Everything was totally locked up with severe muscle spasms within the hour.  Sadly, I’m still in pain so I decided to finally do the right thing and call off my 10 mile trail race on Sunday.

So frustrating

This is so annoying because I finally have my plantar fasciitis resolved and now this!  Bah!  I’m trying to take the long view and focus on improving my bike/swim for the May 11 triathlon.  I just hope my body gets this all out of its system soon because marathon training will be here before I know it!

Anyone else currently benched or limping along?  Feel free to commiserate in the comments!


3 thoughts on “(Trying To) Train Smart

  1. My right knee is still not right since it started bothering me during my Half in Dallas on March 23. 😦 I’m going to not run for two weeks, and then try again. Longest two weeks ever.

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