I know I need to write my race report from the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Miler (they really need a shorter name) but my heart hasn’t been in it.  All of my thoughts right now are on tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will run my second Marine Corp 17.75K, as part of my long build-up to the marathon.  In fall of 2012, my husband told me that he received an email from his school that the school had charity spots for the Marine Corp Marathon.  After I almost died laughing, I decided that I would run the 10K with them that year but, in 2013, the marathon would be mine!  At packet pickup for the 10K, we were given a little brochure that listed all of the Marine Corp races for the coming year and I saw that completing the 17.75K race guaranteed entry into the marathon.  I knew that the marathon would sell out quickly so I wanted the guarantee of the “golden ticket”.  So, even though I wasn’t quite ready, I lined up on that cold March morning and did my best – and received my reward!

This year, after it was announced that the marathon would be a lottery, I knew I HAD to get the “golden ticket”, no matter what.  I also knew that the competition would be fierce for this race.  Last year, it sold out in a few hours but this year it sold out in 7 minutes!! My registration was accepted at minute 6.

Tomorrow I will be lining up again, ready to spend the morning with the Marines.  They have changed the date and the course so it’s a bit more “friendly” but I’m still expecting a good butt kicking.

Hills! My favorite!

I can’t wait to run this race and get my entry code!  I can’t wait to get back to sweaty long runs and ice baths!  I can’t wait take on the marathon again – because I have big plans for this year’s race!

Bring it, baby! Oorah!

I’m coming for you!

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