April Races

If April showers bring May flowers, what do April races bring?  A lot of running!

Here’s my schedule for the month.

April 6 – Cherry Blossom Ten Miler – this will be my first time running this race but I have run the course in various iterations many times.

April 12 – Marine Corp 17.75K, the “golden ticket” to the Marathon! I ran this last year and enjoyed it, even though it was very cold. They moved the race back a month so this time should be more comfortable.

April 13 – Lorton Prison Break – a little 5K that I’m running with Little Runner

April 19 – a trail running clinic at one of my favorite trails

April 27 – 10 mile trail run as part of the EX2 Backyard Burn series – this will be my first time on this trail.

I will be running 40 miles in organized runs this month.  Chances are pretty good that I’ll hit 200 total miles this month!

And, May will bring my second tri plus my first half marathon in another state.  Good times 🙂

How is your month shaping up?


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