Falling into place

Registration opened yesterday at noon for the Marine Corp 17.75K race which, like last year, was the “golden ticket” for the Marathon.  Last year it sold out pretty fast but since the Marathon is now a lottery, I knew it would be smokin’ fast this time around.  And… I had a meeting rescheduled for 11-12.  Nargs!  What to do??  I did what any sensible runner would do and excused myself 10 minutes early (it wasn’t a terribly critical meeting) so I could be at my desk by 11:59.  After a bit of fussing around to log in to the new registration site, my entry was processed at 12:06.  The race sold out at 12:09.  Holy moly!  Unfortunately, some people lost their slot literally as their credit card information was being processed.  So not cool.

But – I’M IN!  I will definitely be running MCM again this year and I can’t see what improvements I can make to my time.  I’m now filling out my calendar with all of the build up races I did (and enjoyed) last year – Revenge of the Penguins, Crawlin’ Crab, ATM, etc. – and suddenly I’m no longer drifting!

I have a lot of fun things going on this spring and summer – my first triathlon (and maybe more??), a Spartan Super, a Ragnar Trail relay – but I can’t wait to start my fall training!  Bring on the sweaty days and the long runs.  I’m ready!

(someone please remind me of this when I’m griping about the long runs and being too hot… 😉 )


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