Whole-ish 30

Today is January 30 and I am wrapping up my second attempt at a Whole30. In a nutshell, it is eating extremely clean – no grains, legumes, sugar, dairy – for 30 days.  I first tried it in November 2012 but totally fell off the wagon during my son’s birthday party (chocolate cake!).  I have been following the 80/20 Primal eating style since March of 2012 but, honestly, it had become more 60/40 over the past few months.  I was given access to an online support group for the month through my coach so I thought I would give it another go.

One problem I had with the Whole30 program the first time is that it is so extremely strict and if you divert from the plan at all you are supposed to restart at day one.  This seriously triggered my disordered eating issues and I knew it would still be a problem this time.  I really did try to stay 100% compliant for the first few days but I was making myself insane by trying to find the perfect bacon (they all have sugar!) or accidentally using red wine vinegar (wine!) so I quickly changed my mindset to a Whole-ish 30.  This more relaxed stance worked well, overall.  Some days I did totally dive off the wagon (and roll down the road, into the ditch, with two cookies stuffed in my mouth) but most days I kept the course.  I was even able to handle the nights when my husband has classes quite well.  Historically, this has always been my problem night and I would wind up eating nothing but junk as I took care of the various household tasks.


I was 98% compliant on dairy and have found it to be a problem area for me.  I was definitely over-consuming it before (tons of calories!) and it seems to affect my skin quite a bit.  I plan to keep it out of my diet as much as I can from now on.

We might have a problem…

I identified my nut addiction (Hey! Mind out of the gutter!) and realized that, shockingly, if I don’t keep an open bag of almonds on the counter, I don’t mindlessly eat handfuls at a time.

I learned how to handle my solo-parenting nights and still be mindful of my eating.

I lost some weight! It’s not the goal of the program but it’s always nice.

Not Good

I need to work on my fueling after hard workouts.  I did eat a mini bagel out of desperation and had a few incidents of becoming quite light headed and dizzy while showering after a tough push.

I need to work on avoiding “just a bite” of my son’s snacks.  Overall, I did pretty well but I still ate more than I should have.

I seriously need to work on my weekend cook-ups so we have enough quick meals during the week.  Now that the whole UR family hits the gym almost every night, it’s tough to get a quick meal on the table before homework and bed.

I seem to have developed a slight Lara bar addiction…

She’s my cherry pie… damn it!

Going Forward

Like I said, I plan to keep the dairy out of my diet.  I also miss my protein shakes.  I know they aren’t natural by any stretch but I do feel they play a part in my recovery strategy so I plan to experiment with some various brands.  I am also going to continue to play with the various fuels to prevent the crashes.

Overall, I think this was a successful month.

Have you done a Whole30?  How did it go?


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