I’m feeling a bit unmoored lately.  This training year has been so drastically different from last year and I don’t feel like I’m handling it well.  Last year, really since October 2012, my focus was on the Marathon – capital M because that’s how it always looked in my head.  Ever single step I took in 2013 was built to get me to the starting line on October 27.  When I started, my longest distance was a 10K so I carefully built my miles during the first half of the year so I could start strong when the core training kicked in.  I had a long check list and I clicked off every single one of the boxes.  I had a few “just for fun” races like the two obstacle runs and a couple of small, local events but everything else was on the Plan.

This year? Not so much.  I have my first (super) sprint triathlon at the end of March that has me cross-training like mad and my first half marathon is in 7 weeks (Rock N Roll DC – kinda lost track of that!) but neither of those are my “A” race.  Thanks to the new MCM lottery, I don’t even know what my “A” race will be!  If the sprint goes well, I might try for an Olympic distance at the end of summer – is that my race?  I don’t know.  If I’m locked out of MCM, I will still do the 10K and then maybe either the Richmond or Pittsburgh Marathons.  Are either of those The One?  I still don’t know!

At the end of March, I’ll know if I enjoy triathlon enough to shoot for the next distance level –  I already know that if it’s good, the super sprint will not even come close to scratching my racing itch.  In a few weeks, registration opens for the 17.75K Golden Ticket race (finishers are guaranteed entry into MCM like last year) and then the lottery opens a few weeks after that.  By the end of April, my plans should be more focused but, right now, I’m very much adrift and it’s making me batty!  I have many (many!) races already on the books and am constantly fighting the urge to do more!  I’ll be glad when I’m back to full training and the season is under way.  Maybe then I’ll finally settle down.  Hope springs eternal!


2 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. We are on a very similar path. Although I am 51 and didn’t start running until last year. I’m not legally blind but have very bad ankles and hated that Presidential Fitness thing just as much as you did! I am also hoping to eventually do Ironman and some Ultramarathoning. Keep going! You’re doing great! http://www.runningwhileraw.blogspot.com

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