Working With a Coach

I will be the first to admit that I am a lazy athlete.  I know my performance would improve if I was more diligent in my training and didn’t give myself so many “free passes”.  For example, the dog has been up at 3:00 for the past two days.  We normally get up at 4:10 so this effective loss of and hour we desperately need is leaving us mainlining coffee. The “Normal” (hah!) me would let tonight’s workout slide.

I would totally pay for this

But, that’s not going to happen now!  When I decided to really train for a triathlon, I knew I needed guidance and an occasional butt kicking.  I needed someone who could help keep me on track and who is not a stranger to trying to train while still being a good wife, mother, and employee (with a long commute). I decided to hire the woman who got the idea in my head in the first place, Swim, Bike, Mom.


I am wrapping up my first official week with her and it is, to put it delicately, kicking my ass!  I hurt in places I didn’t think possible and my entire body is going WTF?!  That coupled with the sleep deprivation seriously makes me want to skip tonight’s workout out.  But I won’t. Because I know someone is holding me accountable.  SBM uses Training Peaks to build my workouts.  Every morning I receive an email saying what’s on tap for today and tomorrow and then I log in after each workout to say what I did.  I could fudge lie and record a workout even if I don’t do it but that does me absolutely no good.  Might as well flush my training money down the toilet.  Instead, I’m going to put on my big girl panties and GET IT DONE.  With the help of a lot of coffee!

Not my BGP but my attire for the Cupid’s Undie Run next month.

If you need help staying focused and sticking to your workouts, a coach may be a good move for you.  It’s not uncommon to work with a coach long-distance and you may be surprised by how affordable it really is!


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