I’m So Excited!

[I was going to embed the Pointer Sisters video here but I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.  Have you watched that lately? Ahem!]

One of my goals for this year was to do a triathlon. I hemmed and hawed, signed up for a clinic, etc. but I didn’t have a bike.  I thought that was it until my enabler friend graciously said she would loan me her bike.  I thought it was just a road bike.  No, it’s a freaking Cervalo!

Similar to this
Similar to this

That bike freaked me out! I felt I was too big, too clutsy, too inexperienced, too everything for that bike. So, after taking it in for a professional fitting, it sat propped against the wall in my treadmill room. Staring at me.  It got to the point that I wouldn’t look to my right when I was on the treadmill but I could still feel it silently judging me.

Last week I was walking on the ‘mill (damn PF!), listening to Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run and staring down The Bike.  Finally, I had enough!  I decided that I WILL be doing triathlons next year, come hell or high water!  I had finally reached my internal tipping point. Even though I said I wanted to do triathlons earlier, I was too consumed with MCM to make the full commitment.  Now, though, I’m all in!  The next day I asked the awesome Swim, Bike, Mom if she had any coaching slots left and she replied that she had one left!  I kinda believe in signs like that so I immediately sent in my coaching fee.  I received some funny looks when people learned I had hired a coach for a super sprint (the absolutely shortest distance) but I really need that one-on-one interaction that I haven’t yet found in other places.  I can read until my eyes fall out but unless I have someone to verbally walk me through things (and give me hints like “practice clipping into and out of the pedals while you’re in the house”!), I’m going to wind up frustrated and overwhelmed.

Right now, though, I’m riding high!  I’m looking forward to starting my training in January and I can’t wait to see what challenges it brings!


4 thoughts on “I’m So Excited!

  1. That’s awesome! My husband and I just got each other road bikes for Christmas and will be doing our first Tri this year, too! The first will be a sprint (what’s a super sprint? Sounds better!) I will be “willy-nillying” it as I won’t have a coach, but I’ll be keep my eye out for any tips you have on your blog. Btw, the bike looks gorgeous! Good luck.

    1. A super sprint is incredibly short. It will be in March so they are doing the swim last. The distances are 1.5 mile run, 4 mile ride, 200 yd swim in a pool.

      That’s so great that you and your husband are doing it together! Please feel free to report back with your progress and race update!

  2. Are you doing the super sprint put on by Tri It Now? It’s fun, but I guarantee you will be disappointed. It is over SO quickly that you’ll wish it were longer. Two super, duper beginner friendly area sprint triathlons are the Salute to the MIlitary Sprint (put on by BRATS; website: http://bristowtriandswim.com/Salute_To_The_Military.html) and the Reston Sprint Triathlon (http://www.restonsprinttri.org/). Registration for Reston opens January 8th and registration is already open for Salute to the Military. You should check them out.

    1. I’m doing the TIN Tune Up in March. I know it will be a quickie but I’m okay with that for my first effort. Thanks for sharing the other races! I’m also considering the 2 Iron Girls up in MD in the summer, which are regular sprints with open water swim

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