Race Report: Surf n Santa

I owe you all a race report!  We’ve had some “weather” where I am and that seems to have thrown the whole region off its axis.

Anyway, Saturday was the Surf n Santa 10 Miler, Frosty 5K, and Rudolph 1K in Virginia Beach.  Little Runner and I have been anticipating this race fore-ever!  This was to be his first 5K (the Commitment Day Death March on Jan. 1 doesn’t count!) With my foot still acting dodgy, I wasn’t sure but I really didn’t want to disappoint him.  I didn’t think we would be running that hard so I popped some ibuprofen and prepared to lace up!

I adore the J & A Racing events but they are all in the southern part of the state and traffic is always a bear so we decided to go down on Friday morning so we could actually enjoy the beach and not be stressed.


Brilliant idea!  Our hotel overlooked the ocean – it was the same one we used for the Virginia is for Lovers 14K – and they had holiday lights set up along the boardwalk that we could see from our balcony.

While Friday was beautiful, the above mentioned weather was making its move that night so Saturday was cold, wet, and windy!  Bleck!  Luckily, our costumes were fairly warm.

The Gingerbread Boy and the Fox!
“Run, Run as fast as you can!”

Little Runner rocked his Rudolph 1K and he proudly told me that he didn’t go as fast as he could because he wanted to save some energy for later!

Our race began promptly at 8 am.  LR was whining a bit in the start corral – we were wave 4 – and we had an incident with the M&M candy cane he was carrying but things settled once we started moving.  I know I sound like such a gushy mom but he made me so proud!  He ran almost the entire time with just two brief walk breaks (one to eat the Mike and Ike’s from the candy stop) and we spent the entire time making up alternate holiday songs* and fantasizing about swimming in giant cups of hot cocoa.  The race started at the convention center, wound through a few side streets, and then went along boardwalk for about half a mile before turning back toward the finish.  The boardwalk was the worst because of the strong wind and blowing rain.  We started mile 3 shortly after turning from the beach and LR was beginning to tire.  Instead of giving up, he started shouting motivation slogans! “Don’t give up now!”, “Don’t quit”, “Keep going!” One of the runners by us asked if he could follow her on the 10 mile course and keep shouting that at her.

Wet and happy!

We finished in 44 minutes and yes, hot chocolate was had with our lunch.

Double Bling, Baby!

Registration and Packet Pick Up

J&A races are relatively inexpensive and never have registration problems.  They also have a very smooth pick up process.  We received personalized bibs and very nice race shirts, cotton for the 1K and tech for the 5K.  The 10 Miler had a race hoody that I LOVED!  They also had Santa hats and jingle bells for free.


There is always a little expo that consists mostly of  booths for other J&A races as well as some on the Outer Banks.  There was some gear, a bank, and a few other random booths.  We did finally get some running themed Christmas ornaments (I have one as my profile picture on Facebook) so I was happy.

Course Support

There was one water/Gatorade stop for the 5K and a candy stop with Mike and Ike’s.  There weren’t many spectators due to the weather but there were a lot of volunteers and two groups of professional carolers.


The finish was inside the convention center so we were immediately in a dry, warm space. There were even bleachers for our support people! There was water, power bars, and bananas in the chute with hot soup for the runners.  They also had three free beers for all runners (of age)!  I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen! My only complaint is there was a very loud band playing on one end of the exhibit hall and it was impossible to hear anything.

Final Grade

A+ I loved this race so much for many reasons!

*Dashing through the streets

With a 5K bib in hand

Through the rain we’ll go

Laughing across the land!


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