Playing It Safe

I’m out of town for work for a few days and, while I know the area from previous visits, I played all of my “safe” cards on my run tonight. Here is a list of some of the things I did:

– Left all of my valuables in the hotel room, including my rings
– Used my Roo pocket so my iPhone wasn’t conspicuous
– Told my husband when I left and approximately how long I would be gone
– Told the front desk the same
– I knew the route I wanted to take but if this was a totally new town, I would ask the front desk for suggestion and check out logged runs on Map My Run
– Used the Road ID app so my husband could see my route
– Did not listen to music
– Ran during daylight hours
– Stayed on more traveled roads and not a lot of quiet cross streets
– Stayed alert and noticed the people around me

It’s terrible that we have to be so cautious but better safe than sorry! On the up side, this was my view tonight!



What are some of your safety tips?


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