Giveaway: RooSport Pocket

I bought a RooSport pocket about a month ago, right before it was announced that CamelBaks would not be allowed at MCM.

My pocket after the marathon

Since I use whole food instead of GUs and gels, I really needed something to carry all of my fuel. I hate to have anything bouncing (I have enough of that on my own!) so a fuel belt was out.  When I heard about the RooSport, I thought it might fit my needs.  Overall, I have been very happy with the pocket.  My only complaint was the little piece of Velcro on the outer-most pocket. I could never get the pieces to line up right and it was a major chaffing point.  I finally took some scissors and cut out the stitches.  After that, I had no further problems.

I met one of the owners, Brenda, at the expo on Friday and told her about the Velcro. She said that they weren’t happy with it, either, so they have removed it from the current models. She then gave me a BRAND NEW, Velcro-less pouch! Well, mine works just fine now so I decided to pass the new one on to YOU!

The pocket is super soft, has a zippered pocket that can hold an iPhone, another pocket for fuel, and it attaches to your waistband via a super strong magnet. I have never had it shift or even noticed it on my runs, no matter what I stuff in the pockets!  Oh, and best of all, you can wash it 🙂

The giveaway runs until 8:00 am Monday so don’t delay!

1. Like Unexpected Runner on Facebook
2. Like RooSport on Facebook
3. Leave a comment here saying what you will put in your RooPocket

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Giveaway: RooSport Pocket

  1. I almost bought one at the expo too but I was trying not to go broke since it was my 3rd race this month!! I would love to fill one with Honey Stinger Gels!! 😉

  2. Bonk breakers, phone, house keys. I always wear a spi-belt, but I don’t really like anything around my waist. This sounds great!

  3. My husband is a diabetic and this will be perfect for his blood testing machine and / or insulin pump. I know it doesn’t go with the running theme, but there are countless times he doesn’t carry his machine because he doesn’t want to carry it! This is fabulous!!!!

  4. I almost bought one at the expo but the MCM weekend was so expensive. But I LOVE this produt and would love to have one for my phone and keys!

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