Weekend Update

A little smorgasbord of this and that:

  • My plantar fasciitis is still being a pain in the foot.  I skipped my Friday run but went out Saturday with not too awful pain.  Sunday was bad enough to affect my gait so I skipped that, too.  I’m now wearing my faux Crocs at all times (other than at work) and that is helping.  You know it’s bad when I’m willing to wear those monstrosities!
  • I ran with some of my obstacle course friends on Saturday and had a lovely time!  We ran around a local lake and half of us did a little extra portion that had a nice, Iwo Jima-ish hill before the turn around.  You know what I was visualizing the whole way up!  The weather was perfect and we were able to do 7.5 miles at a 11 minute pace.  The first time I ran that route in the spring, I honestly thought I would die and/or throw up.  Forget talking, I needed that air just to breathe!  This time I was chatting up a storm and felt like I worked but was not whipped.  It is amazing what constant persistence can do!  
  • Related to the run, we all went for coffee afterwards.  It’s great to be around like-minded people who are as warped as you!  It was some of the funniest, and inappropriate, conversations I’ve had in some time!
  • Sunday was no run but we did tromp around a local farm for 3+ hours with mud, hay, etc.  I even did the rope swing a few times and climbed some things! 
Me, Jane!
  • MCM has announced a ban on Camelbaks.  Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth!  I had ordered a Roo Sport Pocket earlier in the week, before the announcement was made.  I’m hoping it will be big enough to hold my fuel.  I also plan on having my friends and family all have bottles of electrolyte water that they can pass out to me.  I jokingly (kind of) told my husband that I would put very large yellow Xs on the sidewalks so he would hit his marks!
  • I’m about 80% certain that this is going to happen.
  • In case you missed it, I’m holding a little fuel sampler give-away on Facebook.  It ends on 9/27/13 so don’t wait too long!



4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

      1. Ah, I can see how that makes sense. I should check the Army 10-Miler rules – I don’t plan on a camelbak but a friend running it did say no phones (at all, even if they aren’t used for music), no bags, etc. and I usually run with a camera in a little pouch.

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