Penguin Post-Mortem

I need to do a post-mortem on Sunday’s race so I don’t forget what I learned!

The Good

I think I handled my fueling well.  I wound up taking something every 3 miles but that did fall apart a bit in the end because, I swear I’m not making this up, I could no longer divide by 3.  I took four of my fuel options (2 Huma gels and a whole Bonk Breaker) plus two root beer barrel candies when my mouth was dry towards the end.  I did not eat anything before the start but I don’t think that was a problem.  There was a time when I wanted some honey but I just didn’t feel like messing around with getting it from my pack.

I wound up using my Camelbak because I was carrying so much fuel and I decided to half fill it with EFS.  I used it all and sucked it DRY, even with taking two cups of water at eight of the ten aid stations.  For MCM, I will use the whole pack, just to be safe.

I had a small carton of chocolate milk and an applesauce squeezer waiting for me in my gear bag.  I quickly downed both within minutes of stopping – plus a bagel, two small bags of sour cream and onion chips, and a cookie about twenty minutes later at the finish area.  I did not feel sick later that day.

I took a half-assed ice bath and wore compression socks immediately upon returning home.

You use what you have!

I also made my family take me out to dinner 🙂  My legs were sore but more stiff than pain.  I did not get blisters on my toes so that problem was definitely a sock issue.

The Bad

I found two new areas for chaffing 😦 Under my arms where the edge of my shirt was rubbing.  Random!

I had problems with salt stinging my eyes and I had to be careful not to wipe them so that I didn’t scratch up the skin around them. I will bring a small, wet cloth with me to MCM in case I need it.

I will have a longer wait at the start at MCM so I need to remember to bring food and a throw away bottle with me.  I forgot on Sunday and wound up dipping into my water pack a bit.

My pace was terribly inconsistent.  I started out at 11:30 for the first 10K, then 12:30 until the half, and then it all went to hell.  I wound up with a 13:39 average pace.  Need to work on this!!  I need to be 100% positive that I can stay below a 14 min. average pace in order to “beat the bridge” and avoid the course sweep.  Twenty seconds is not a comfortable cushion for me.


The course was packed dirt for most but some looser gravel in parts.  It was also a false flat on the second half.  I desperately hope that both of those things contributed to my pacing problem.  I will do one more 19 miler in two weeks.  I plan to do it on a fully paved surface that has normal, smaller hills that I can accurately judge.

40 more days!


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