The Long Run

Sunday will be my longest training run.  20 MILES!  When I started training, I thought this weekend would never arrive and now I can’t believe how quickly the time sped by!  Of course, I feel like I’m not ready – I always feel that way – but I am doing what I can to make this a smart dress rehearsal for the marathon.  Here is my game plan for the day:

This run will be supported as it is part of the Marathon Charity Cooperation’s Revenge of the Penguins run (so named for us back of the packers who wouldn’t be able to finish in the old time limits that used to exist – they now provide support until the last runner is done).  It’s an out-and-back with five aid stations of water and Gatorade plus medical support.  I will not run with my Camelbak as I hope to not use it for the marathon but I will have my Simple Hydration bottle filled with EFS.  I will carry with me one Bonk Breaker, a packet of honey, and 3 Huma Gels.  l will  cut the Bonk Breaker into four chunks and eat two at a time.  I plan to start fueling in 30 minute intervals.  I’ll start with a gel, then 1/2 of the BB, then honey, then repeat.

The night before, we are having dinner with my husband’s coworkers so I don’t know what is in store there.  I plan to eat as clean as I can and then have a sweet potato when we return home.  No Drinking!  On Sunday, I need to meet my carpool people at 6:15 to be at the race site by 7:00 for an 8:00 start.  This is perfect for my marathon timing practice!  Breakfast will be a serving of my Paleo Porridge and a cup of coffee. I have been drinking two liters of water a day this week and I plan to drink a gallon on Saturday.  I will also have a throw-away bottle of water to drink before the start.  I will also have something small to eat while waiting to start but I haven’t decided on what. 

The weather is scheduled to be seasonable (a nice change from the we are currently experiencing) so I should be fine in just a short sleeve shirt and my capris.  I will wear a pair of wool socks that I haven’t worn much to see if that helps with my weird toe blister. 

My goal is to stick to a steady 12 minute pace.  I will set my Garmin to beep if I go over 12:20.  I am trying for no beeps!

So, that’s it!  I think I am as prepared as I can be!  Now I can’t wait for Sunday 🙂




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