Product Review: Road ID App

If you have an iPhone, do yourself a favor and download the free Road ID App RIGHT NOW! I’ll wait…

(sorry, no luv for the Android people just yet)

Are you back?  Good!

The new Road ID app is a two-fold safety product.  First, it allows you to customize your locked screen with your name, home city and state, any emergency information (allergies, etc.) up to 140 characters, and your emergency contact information (up to five). Technically, there are ways of doing this without the app but it is so much easier to update the information this way.  Second, it allows you to send up to five contacts an eCrumb that shows a real-time map of whatever activity you are doing.  When the eCrumb activated, it will text up to five people with a link to a Google map that shows your progress.  It will also tell your contacts what your activity is and how long you expect to be doing it.  Finally, if you have the stationary alert activated, it will alert your emergency contact if you stop moving for five minutes (you can override the timer).


Creating a new eCrumb
Creating a new eCrumb

Up until yesterday, I have only used the emergency “locked screen” feature but yesterday was my longest run yet on a quasi unfamiliar route so I decided to use an eCrumb.  When I activated it, my husband was sent a text with a link to the map.  He did not need to have the app loaded on his phone.

Finished map
Finished map

He was able to watch in real time as I did my run.  The miles don’t display on the map but, since I told him the route, he had a pretty good idea when I was almost done.  This is such a great feature!  I plan on using this at my races (so he can spectate more effectively and it should help with the family meet-up at the end) but I can also see using it to meet up with other runners.  One woman from our group was going to meet one of our speedier members toward the end of the run for a couple of miles but they weren’t sure exactly where to meet.  If the primary runner had used this feature, the one joining her would know exactly where she was!

I know it seems like we are overloaded with technology these days but this is definitely worthwhile, especially if you are running solo, in an unfamiliar place, or just want to allow someone else to know where you are!


Great safety features

Allows for easier meet-ups and spectating

Price= Free!

Good for running, biking, hiking


Doesn’t display your miles

Not available for the Android market

Overall: A+


This is an unsolicited review


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