Our family just returned from our annual pilgrimage to the beach. Being deep in marathon training, I had to make this a runcation – and I’m glad I did!

Reasons To Run On Vacation
1. To be a better vacationer. I love my family but a week on a different schedule and in a different place (and maybe too much ice cream) made us all a bit grumpy at times. The days that I ran were the ones that allowed me to handle the grumpies with more grace.

2. To not blow your diet – too much. Running helps to remind me that my health is important and that diet is key. We did have our moments of indulgence but it was much less than previous years.

3. To be a better tourist. I was able to explore parts of the area that I hadn’t seen on all of our previous visits. I also had the chance to see some great sunrises!

4. To have a change of pace. There is nothing like an entirely new route to make running interesting!  Where we live in northern Virginia, I literally can’t leave my house without hitting 3 decent hills. Our vacation spot on the Eastern Shore was as flat as a pancake. I was able to pick up my pace and not worry about any pesky hills. I was even able to PR my 5K time at 30:34!

5. To appreciate your regular route when you return home. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed my hills yesterday! Honestly, I’ve been pretty lazy on the hills lately but yesterday I just powered up then all!

Some people complain about getting up early while the family sleeps in. I’d like to recommend that you do it at least a few times. I’m certain you’ll be better for it!

Do you run on vacation? Why or why not?


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